New Website, More Content, Extra Tools

Getting ready for launch

We’re excited to announce that our new website with editorial images is almost ready for launch. This initiative will give our clients access to more content that will help them strengthen their messages. It is the next step in in our plan to offer creative content licensing for the widest range of work we can imagine

We feel there is a great opportunity for an independent business offering a diverse range of content for licensing from the artists directly to the users. We are not restricted in the type of content we make available, are not part of a big organistion or National organisations and are free to build a deep and wide selection for our clients so they can continue to improve the impact of their messages. We’re excited and curious where our journey for creative content brings us and what we will be able to offer clients in the long run.

Our next project is setting up an editorial offering with leading Global content partners. We are happy to announce that our beta site will be deployed in December 2022 followed by a launch in the first quarter of 2023.  This is a major initiative with great collections that are complementary to our current, offering a very wide choice for our clients going forward. We feel privileged by the trust our partners put in our company and hope our clients will embrace our new portfolio of collections.

In the meantime we are improving our core creative offering with 123RF and have added tools and functionality to make its use more effective. 

123RF Plus

With our partner 123RF we introduced a new, very affordable purchase option that we call 123RF Plus.

It’s a great way for clients that use our FREE Images to upgrade to a fast growing selection of 80 million images for a price that is much more affordable than our regular premium offering.

Our plus collection is a great entry point for clients to get familiar with images and transition to othercollections over time 

Tools That Make Design Easier

We now have a number of free and useful tools on  

You can apply filters and effects,  automatic improvements and background removal all for free with a few simple clicks.  And if you need more you can use PIXLR, our free photo editing software. 

This will allow clients to apply a huge range of editing tools to our image collections from all our partners. We offer both free and premium versions and can help businesses with the implementation.

Fast Media Editorial and specialist

We are about to launch  our brand new offering; Fast Media Editorial. A news, sports, celebrity and specialist selection with a Global outlook  that offers a completely new selection of images available to license. The collection is complementary to our current creative offering on 123RF and it’s something we have not offered before.  News collections are available for editorial use only to our business clients. 

We will launch in December 2022 for our trial period and will be fully up and running in January 2023. Once we are operational this is what our clients can expect on the new website:

  • Millions of news, sports, celebrity and specialist images
  • Daily uploads of current news and sports photography
  • Up to 10 partner collections at launch with more to follow in 2023
  • Politics, economics, celebrity, archival, nature, science, etc
  • Online pricing as well as custom pricing agreements across the full collection
  • Search and download directly from the site
  • Service from the Fast Media team across all collections
  • Unified invoicing for easy admin and management

So stay tuned. We will soon give you an opportunity to subscribe to our mailing list. Until then do come back here for more information and updates or email us for more information,


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