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Introducing Digital Asset Management

The foundation for businesses with digital assets spread out over multiple locations, teams, people and partners.

Fast Media offers a better way to access, organize, and share digtital files. This digital asset management system is the startingpoint for businesses using photography, illustrations, video, music and other assets.

We have partnered with leading digital asset management provider WoodWing Swivle to give our clients a World leading system to save, organise and share digital assets.

Powered by WoodWing Swivle – Supported by the Fast Media team – Complemented by our photography collections

What is Digital Asset Management?

DAM stands for Digital Asset Management: a type of software designed to store, edit, manage and share your digital assets efficiently. Whether installed on your computer, laptop or a dedicated server (so-called on-premise DAM) or based in the private or shared cloud and accessible via a browser, the goal of any Digital Asset Management solution is to simplify the way you and your business organize your files or digital assets.

And What is a Digital Asset?

Basically, digital assets can be any digital file that you create on your computer — whether it is a text file (in the file formats like .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf), an image (.png, jpg, .jpeg, .tiff), a video (.mp4, .avi, .mov), or an audio file (.mp3, .wav) — you name it. So if you need to organize your digital assets, tag them with metadata, filter and store files in one single place — that’s what a DAM system usually does (and much more).

Digital Media Library

Media library software is a digital asset management system that helps companies to organize and share rich media files publicly with external parties online. Your media asset library can be either made available to a wider public, or, alternatively, be fully or partially password-protected.

This may come in handy if you need to differentiate files for internal or external use, or create collections for different groups of external users. For instance, you can share learning materials with students of different courses, or, if you’re an agency, create separate password-protected media asset libraries for every client

Asset Storage

Image Library Software helps photographers, marketers and designers organize and share their images. Some solutions focus solely on image management, but most image libraries are managed in a Digital Asset Management solution. This will allow you to manage all your content in one central place. Not just your images, but also your documents, design files and videos.

Why is smart image management important?

If you are working with big amounts of images (pictures, stock photos, design files or any other rich media content) a good solution is crucial for an optimal workflow. A good Image Library or Digital Asset Management platform will eliminate any wasted time spend on searching a certain file, and will enable you to share your content instantly.

Client Portal

You can share your assets with external parties like your clients, designers and partners. Simply share links directly from WoodWing Swivle and save the time you’d waste by having to send emails and/or use external drives

  1. Create your account, click on your profile icon, go to “Management Console,” then “Portals” and create your new client portal.
  2. Give your client portal your own look and feel: upload your logo and change the header and highlight colors
  3. Choose your subdomain and create your unique URL like
  4. Manage access to your files: make you client portal either public or password-protected.

Do you need to share files with multiple stakeholders? Easy. You can add as many client file portals within a single account as needed. Read how to do it here.

Brand Management

For Multiple Clients

Imagine a situation. You run a creative agency and work with multiple clients. Every day, your team has to deal with dozens of different brand assets like briefs, style guides, photos or artwork — all for different clients. So using a cloud-based brand management software to organize all brand assets for each client is an absolute must-have. Extra pro’s? Transparent internal brand asset management, fast and easy file search, as well as file sharing and storage in the cloud.

Partners and Employees

Or let’s say, you’re a brand manager looking for scalable and intuitive online software to share all of your brand and marketing assets with employees or external parties like partners, resellers, or end customers. Whether you’re thinking about a password-protected intranet or a public brand portal, your perfect brand management software has to be affordable, with a well-earned reputation, as well as being easy and fast to implement.

Trusted Globally

Whether you’re an agency or a brand, We can help you boost your brand consistency and improve collaboration with your internal and external stakeholders.

Fast Media has partnered with WoodWing Swivle, a global market leader in digital asset management software and multichannel publishing solutions. 

Integrated software

The WoodWing Swivle solution is also a perfect workflow solution for marketing, creative and sales teams to store, manage and share large and complex digital assets in the cloud.

You save money on internal software development and hosting services as well as file sharing platforms. Moreover, you save time on file search thanks to a comprehensive metadata tagging and intuitive visualized structure of file folders.

Brand Portal

The Brand Portal is so much more than just a repository of all your corporate digital assets.

It is a fully-fledged yet nimble cloud version of an enterprise Digital Asset Management solution with efficient file search, easy collaboration, and more.With a digital asset managemt system, you’ll be able to easily streamline your creative workflow like organizing, editing and sharing your design files, photo collections or stock images.

Let Fast Media Management be at the heart of your creative brand ecosystem — consistent, efficient, easily accessible in the cloud, and always up-to-date. And an extra bonus — it is the most intuitive Brand Assets Management solution on the market, as our customers claim.


Sales Portal

A Sales Portal is a tool to optimize your sales enablement and to empower your sales team to maximize their efficiency and output. Sales enablement is a process which includes a whole range of tools and techniques, all designed to give your sales team the right information, content, and tools that they need to sell more effectively.

A Sales Portal usually includes a way to make sure your sales team has the right content (known as a Sales Content Portal or Sales Content Management) and sometimes additional tools like analytics and CRM-like features.

WoodWing Swivle helps marketers, designers and sales teams by streamlining their Sales Content Management: it makes sure that your sales reps always have easy access to the right files, wherever they are.

Sales Content Management is all about increasing efficiency and making the most out of your marketing content. What’s the point to create beautiful and updated marketing content if you don’t have an easy way to get this to your sales team? What’s the point if your sales rep keeps using that outdated brochure or even worse: your old logo?

Fast Media Manager Pricing

  • Monthly fee based on annual contract.  Contact us for the possibilities
  • Custom packages possible, please contact us for more information
  • Prices Ex VAT

All information and illustrations on this page are provided by and owned by WoodWingSwivle and cannot be reproduced without getting written permission.

Fast Media Represents WoodWing Swivle as part of our creative toolkit for designers. Fast Media clients that are interested in Digital Asset Management can contact our team and we will help with pricing, guidance and advice. We work closely with the Swivle team for the implementation and tech support. 


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