Creative Content
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Introducing Fast Media

We are a media company based in Amsterdam and London that specializes in creative content licensing.

We offer our clients photography, illustrations, video, music as well as tools to manage and edit these assets. Our goal is to become an International leader in creative content licensing

Working with Global, experienced and trusted content creators enables us to offer a broad and ever growing content collection to illustrate and  strengthen the  messages of our clients

Service and advice is provided across tour content channels by our team.

 Our clients license content from a single image to a strategic plan where we optimise the licensing needs and resources they require. This leads to cost and time savings while optimising the quantity and quality of digital content at our clients disposal.

We are constantly adding to our content channels and services.

What is creative content licensing?

Creative content licensing allows businesses, organisations and individuals to use digital assets like photography, video, music and text through a legal agreement called a copyright license. This license allows companies to use the content legally in a clearly described manner without becoming the owner of the content.

Content licensing is used as an alternative to original content as it is available immediately and at significantly lower cost compared to creating new  content. Digital assets are used daily in editorial and educational publications, advertising and design, websites, retail products and other applications. At Fast Media we work primarily with the Publishing, Creative and Corporate and Retail markets. Direct to consumer makes up a smaller percentage of our client base.


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